September News Update


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Feature stories this month include:

MN Limited Eyes on the Road

Lean In | Our Road to Improvement

On-boarding Process

Faces From the Field | David Imes, Laborer - Harrisburg, PA

Tell Me Somethin' Good

Summer Safety Sweep

Safety Scorecards

Eagle Eye

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Congratulations to our Good Catch Recipients for the month of August!

Andrew Stay, Laborer

Located and Disposed of Broken Ladder

Dan Sundquist, Driver

Identified and Disposed of Defective Blast Hood

Lawrence Dewitt, Foreman

Work Stoppage/Confined Space Requirements


What can you do with just five minutes? Shower? Eat a sandwich? Watch a video on YouTube? This month you will be able to use those five minutes to improve your leadership skills with the new Five Minute Tune Up. Starting in September, leaders throughout MN Limited will have the opportunity to spend a few minutes each week viewing a short (less than five minute) video from a nationally recognized business leader. Each video will focus on leadership qualities that help support our core company values. The videos are available through and can be watched on a laptop or iPhone.

After reviewing the topic, leaders are encouraged to use the questions provided for their own exploration, as well as to lead a short discussion with their team. There is also an online forum available to post thoughts and questions about the topic. Discussing the topics you've covered and the questions you have not only helps others learn, but it helps you learn and apply the knowledge gained.

“This is a great opportunity for leaders to spend just a little time each week to work on continually growing their leadership skills," says Jim Lee, Corporate Trainer. "In just five minutes a week we can grow our skills to support our core company values and our vision to build the future of energy with premier customer service.”

Leaders will receive a weekly email with links to the video, a video summary, an online forum, and additional resources. The first email goes out during the week of September 7th, so make sure to check your email. If you have any questions about this program, please contact Jim Lee.


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This past August the Big Lake corporate office held a blood drive as part of the Living Well Challenge. There were 34 participants who donated one pint of their blood to this drive. This is the second time this year that MN Limited has sponsored a blood drive with the American Red Cross.

If you are interested in learning more about blood donation, please visit the American Red Cross' website at There is also information on health/safety services, disaster relief, support to military families and international services.

Did you know?

  • One pint of blood can save up to 3 lives.
  • Every 2 seconds someone need a blood transfusion.
  • 5 million patients in the US need blood every year.
  • Less than 38 percent of the population is eligible to give blood.
  • Blood cannot be manufactured; it can only come from volunteer donors.
  • Platelets, critical for cancer patients, have a shelf life of only 5 days.
  • Adults have around 10 pints of blood in their body. 1 pint is given during donation.
  • Only 7% of people in the US have the Universal donor blood type, O negative.
  • The Red Cross started providing blood for patients in 1940.


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