Jamie Fithian

Learner, Teacher, Coach

About Me

  • I teach Fundamentals of Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Business Management here at Skiatook High School. I also coach volleyball, basketball, and track.
  • I am originally from McPherson, Kansas, and I graduated from Oral Roberts University, where I played basketball. After teaching for four years at Coweta, this is my second year at Skiatook.
  • To complete my Alternative Teaching Certification, I started to attend classes at The Eight Floor, where I learned about technology and how I can use it effectively in my classroom.
  • Through those classes and my own research, I have developed a high interest in educational technology and the possibilities it presents to help students learn.

Goals for Today

I hope to share websites and apps that I have discovered that may help you in your classroom or at least spark an idea to try something new.