Halloween 2012

Mr. F's First Grade

Halloween Costumes

If your child chooses to dress up for our Halloween activities, please send his/her costume in a bag. We will change into our costumes after lunch. Costumes should fit over your child’s clothes, as availability for the bathrooms may not be possible when it comes time to change out of our costumes. Please remember to label all parts and accessories so we can get the items back to their respectful owners if something should get misplaced. Likewise, remember to keep all accessories that are weapons at home. Due to time issues, we will not be able to apply any make-up that may highlight a costume.

1F Halloween 2012

Wednesday, Oct. 31st 2012 at 2pm

Penn Elementary School, North Liberty, IA

North Liberty, IA

Our Halloween celebration will be in the afternoon on Wednesday, October 31st. We will be doing a variety of Halloween activities throughout the afternoon, including Halloween Bingo and enjoying some wonderful but not too scary Halloween treats. We will be doing a parade in the afternoon. Location to be determined depending on the weather. This parade will start at 2:00.

8:30-9:10--Reading Whole Group
9:10-10:15--Reading Groups (Make Spooky Bingo Boards)
12:00-12:15--Costume Changing
12:15-1:15--Skittle Math/Treats
1:30-2:00--Spooky Bingo/Closing
2:00-????--Halloween Parade/Art