Mrs. Burns' Kindergarten

Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I am so happy to be back with your sweet children. This week went very smoothly and everyone was so beautifully behaved! We jumped right into all of our subject areas and I'm amazed at how much these cutie Kindergartners have grown in the few months I was away. We even had a visit from Mrs. Safko on Friday. She helped the children create and paint snowflakes for our hallway display. I also want to thank you for thinking of me at Christmas time. It was so nice to receive so many kind cards and gifts, I cannot feel more blessed! I am looking forward to the rest of the school year together.

Arctic Exploration

We began this week learning about the Arctic (where the North Pole and Santa are!). We have focused primarily on Polar Bears... watching videos about them, comparing them to other animals and reading lots of non-fiction texts. Our focus on writing has overflowed into all areas of our school day. We have been using interactive writing to create anchor charts organizing the new information we have learned and making 'tree maps' of what Polar Bears "are, can, have". The children have been so interested to learn even more and we were all surprised at just how large polar bears are. The children made polar bear paws (true to size) and then put their footprint inside. They then wrote about what they would do if they met a polar bear. They look adorable in our hallway. We have also been using our classroom globe to help us locate where the Arctic is, and compare it to Antarctica (where penguins live) by using cardinal directions, North and South. Your children are so smart! :) On Friday, we celebrated with a "Polar Bear" ice cream snack!

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a web-based program to help track students’ behavior. In Class Dojo, students can earn points for positive behaviors such as being on task, helping others, participation, and working hard (these can change whenever we need). Students can also lose points for negative behaviors such as being off task, being disrespectful, or talking out of turn. Students love being able to track their points.

Each student has their own avatar monster and tracks the points they earned each day. At the end of the week, "Fun Friday", they can then choose if they want to trade in their points to shop for a reward, or keep them for the next week to work towards a bigger reward. The children are able to go up to the SMART board and touch their avatar to get a point, or I can control it from the computer, ipod or ipad. We are having fun using this new system and will keep you updated as we continue forward!

Stretchy Snake

On Friday, your child took home their own Stretchy snake they made during Literary Centers. There is also a list of words for them to practice them with. Please work with your child on using their snake to stretch out the sounds in the words!
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