Jack Layton Secondary School

"Don't let them tell you it can't be done."

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Why Jack Layton

Jack Layton was a strong and admirable leader who touched the hearts of many and inspired even more. His unwavering spirit and persistence to make Canada and a better place for its people was exhilarating. He cared for the people of the country just like we will for the students of this school, caring not only for their education but for their well-being. Our school is called Jack Layton Secondary School so our students will remember this Canadian icon as he once said "don't let them tell you it can't be done."

About The School

Our school focuses to provide each student with the best high school experience.

Highly Qualified Teachers

  • teaching is all about inspiring young people. If a teacher is not passionate about their subject, they can't teach it enthusiastically and effectively

A Sense of Community

  • our school strives to achieve the feeling of belongingness for each and every student

Extensive Sports Programs and Lots of Extracurricular Activities

  • there is a variety of extracurricular programs and activities that are open for all students to join

Jack Layton Secondary School

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