Project Quasar

The Final Frontier

What is it

Well what project Quasar is where we take a group of people to space and show all the building blocks of the universe. Like our own galaxy, all types of stars, Etc. You will learn about each celestial body in the universe

First Stop our Galaxy

The Galaxy we are in is called the Milky Way. The Milky way is a Spiral Galaxy or a Bard Galaxy that scientist believe, we live on only one of the arms but we are just a tiny speck in it. So if u wanna know what our Galaxy is than u should join us in this ride through space.

This is known as the arm of the Galaxy

Big image

Star Clusters

Star clusters are a group of stars that are born from the same nebula and same time and the reason why they are so close is because they share a gravitational pull between them.


Now Stars are self luminous celestial body that goes through many lives like butterflies. And if you are wondering how we tell the temperature and size and age we use a diagram called the H-R Diagram


Nebula's are a collection of dust and gas and are birthplaces of stars and other celestial bodys


A supernova is a large explosion that takes place at the end of a star's life cycle. There are many different array of colors

White Dwarf

A white dwarf, also called a degenerate dwarf, is a stellar remnant composed mostly of electron-degenerate matter. A white dwarf is very dense

Black Dwarf

A black dwarf is a theoretical stellar remnant, specifically a white dwarf that has cooled sufficiently that it no longer emits significant heat or light.

Neutron Star

A neutron star is a type of compact star that can result from the gravitational collapse of a massive star after a supernova. Neutron stars are the smallest and densest starsknown to exist in the Universe


A pulsar is a highly magnetized, rotating neutron star that emits a beam of electromagnetic radiation.


a massive and extremely remote celestial object, emitting huge amounts of energy, and typically having a star like image in a telescope. It has been guessed that quasars contain massive black holes and may represent a stage in the evolution of some galaxies.

Black Hole

a region of space having a gravitational field so intense that no matter or radiation can escape.