Librarianship Part I

LE#3 Feedback


Module Three focused on Multiple Literacies and Learning Literacies and the implications to our practices. Through your readings and explorations in this learning experience, you have examined the book selection policies for your board and compared these policies to others in the province. You have had the opportunity to review the classification system used for non-fiction books, and have determined some of the strengths and challenges involved with using Web 2.0 tools in our libraries.

Candidate Participation

Candidate Participation

  • Candidates are expected to attend and actively participate in each learning experience.
  • Candidates in the course are expected to work cooperatively by sharing experiences, knowledge, ideas and resources and by providing support to each other during online discussions.
  • Awareness and implementation of the Standards of Practice.



Your posts continue to be relevant and knowledgeable. You excelled at ‘moving forward’ from last LE! You have demonstrated that you are an ‘Engaged’ Educator who is highly capable of partnering with peers and building collaborative, supportive relationships. Keep going … one more module to go!

Book Talk

Your book talk for "Faithful" was captivating! Your presentation would be very engaging for your students and would be a great read aloud for a class. You’ve provided detailed information in your audio clips about how you would introduce the topic/theme of the book, get the students engaged in the problem and solution, and make their own connections to the content. Thank you as well for choosing to showcase another wonderful Web 2.0 tool for your colleagues-- what a great way to complete your book talk and to demonstrate your skills with technology- very inspiring! You’ve shared a wonderful book talk with us, and your colleagues and students are very lucky to have a teacher with so much passion for literacy and interest in providing them with amazing learning opportunities!

Next Steps:

I appreciate the leadership and professionalism that you have demonstrated throughout our learning experiences so far! You are a very positive influence on our group, and always supportive of your colleagues. Thank you for working so hard to create a safe and positive learning experience! I look forward to you sharing your ideas and strategies as we continue into our final learning experience!