High School Observation

Oxford High school, Oxford Kansas

My Observation Experience

High school art, students were assigned a project of their choice. On the day that I observed students were to turn in their projects. Some of the projects that I had the opportunity to see included: looming, sewing, paintings, and sketches. The thing I found really neat was that she gave students extra credit for any project done with recycled material.

Freshman and Sophmore English was taught by Mrs.Browning, whom is on her last year of teaching before retirement. The students seemed to have great chemistry with her. They were working on poems and lyrics.

In Mr.Burkes class we got to disect pigs! What more can I say?

During Mrs.Fooshee's spanish class I got to sit in on a IDL structured class which is a class that has students that are physically present as well as students joining via web cam from another location.

I was surprised to see that all assignments, test, and books, are done on IPods which each student is given at the beginning of the school year.

Cool Fact!

Dr.Whitner was my 4th and 5th grade teacher. It was really awesome to see him again and he was so supportive and helpful. He even told me that when I am done with school to come see him.
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