Blended Learning Lesson Planning

Jaye Parks

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Create a Blended Learning Experience

  • What are the learning outcomes of this experience? I.e., What skills, knowledge, and dispositions should students develop as a result of the experience?
  • What topics and subtopics must be addressed by the entire learning experience in order to achieve the learning outcomes?
  • What are the learning events (activities) chosen to address the learning outcomes?
  • What portion of content is accessed during each learning event?
  • What is the most appropriate mode for delivering that content?
  • In what setting does the learning event occur?
  • What supports and teacher input are needed for that learning event?
  • Where should formative assessment appear relative to each learning event?
  • How does the learning event relate to previous learning events and those that follow?
  • How will learners transfer their change in understanding from one learning event to another?
Developing Lessons with Technology

In a digital world, no organization can achieve results without incorporating technology into every aspect of its everyday practices. It’s time for schools to maximize the impact of technology as well.

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Jaye Parks

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