cyber bulling

stop bulling



B stands for bad words.

U stands for unteligaint.

L lock up in a place you cant fix.

L oops and loops it just cant go away every day it happed

I In side a bad place you need to get out of a screen.

N not nice things don't say ugly words on a computer.

G ates you cant escape .

All thes thing happen when cyber bulling kids thes days don't know want thay are getting in to. Kids die from cyber bulling! All it takes is a mean word. don't talk to people you don't know. Always go with a adult if meeting people off line cause thay could be people that are setting you up just to take you away! It has happed to a lot of people so just stop THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING. all it takes to stop cyber bulling is to THINK so please STOP CYBER BULLING!

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