Jackie robinson

a baseball legend

Where It All Began

Jackie Robinson was born in Georgia in 1919. His family was poor. They moved to California to make a better life. Jackie went to school. He worked hard at many jobs. He gave the money to his mother. She bought food and clothes for the family. Some white people treated Jackie and his family unfairly. But Jackie was proud of himself and his family. Jackie was a sport star in high school and college. He won many awards.

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Beginning of Sports

He left college to earn more money for his family. Jackie joined the u.s. Army in 1942. He worked hard to be a good soldier. But Some army officers treated him unfairly because he was an African American.In 1945 Jackie played baseball for the Kansas City monitors this team was in the Nick Kroll American leave at that time Africans Americans could not play on a Major League team.
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What He's Famous For

In 1946 Jackie played horizontal Royals in 1947 he became the first African American African-American play on a Major League team that time he that team was the Brooklyn Dodgers. Jackie played for the Brooklyn Dodgers for ten years he was a great player but some people still treated him unfairly because he was an African American. Jackie was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962 he was the first African American hold the Jackie Robinson died in 1972.
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