What's Cookin' (August 7th, 2014)

The Chefs' Consortium weekly internal update

What's Been Done

• Our weekly updates will now come through this lovely service – moving towards archiving and streamlining our communication. Small and continuous moves in the right direction!

• On Monday, Nicci, Rebecca, Noah and I attended the Taste of Hudson Valley Bounty Dinner at the Columbia County fairgrounds. Our dish – a polenta cake topped with pulled pork from Cool Whisper Farms, curried slaw from Hawthorne Valley Farms and our own chipotle sauce – turned some heads. We were able to speak to Martin Ping about a fundraising event at Hawthorne Valley Farms and potential autumn retreat for us, and to Nancy Ginsberg and Todd Erling about the work we are building with SUNY Cobleskill.

• When's the last time you've checked out our website? If you haven't in a while – you're in for a treat. Thank you Noah for your dedication to working on and perfecting our site!

• We've located half a dozen potential locations and partners for fundraising events, and are looking to use these fundraising events to build some revenue for the Consortium in these next months of restructuring.

• We have even more new members! We took on as a new member-chef Janice Hardgrove-Kollar of Woodstock Cupcakes (http://www.woodstockcupcakes.com), and Patrick Clarke, executive chef of the Omega Café at the Omega Institute. Delighted to have you both on board!

• I met with representatives from the Capital Region YMCA to speak about collaborating on cooking classes for preexisting programs – they are reaching out to their dedicated grant writer to roll us in in an official capacity to their programming.

• We have another meeting lined up at SUNY Cobleskill to speak further about coordinating their outreach program and their plan to make a huge splash at next year's Culinary Extravaganza with their Farm to Table degree – so excited for the potentials here!

• Jillian and I met with Colie from Honest Weight to roll us into cooking classes at their teaching kitchen for the months of September and October.

What Needs Doin'

• Are you interested in doing cooking classes at Honest Weight? If so, email me your class idea and I can communicate with Honest Weight about rolling it into their class schedule.

• Do you have availability on the evening of August 28th for a fundraising event we are trying to build with Chip Fasciana at Albany Distilling? I'd like to get back to him soon, so please let me know as soon as you can.

• Please email me your October availabilities. I would like to work on a several-day retreat for members of the Consortium so that we can put our heads together about where we are headed and how to get there. We have some very exciting potential locations for this retreat!

• Invite everyone you know to like our Facebook page! I am thinking it can easily be at 1,000 by the next time I write to you all if we make a collective push.

Hot off the press!

Check out the link to the Times Union article on the work we are doing at the Sanctuary for Independent Media, feeding and educating the underserved youth of North-Central Troy! Many thanks to Josh, Jillian and Jackie for their time, energy and food, making our involvement at the Sanctuary integral to the experience and education of the Uptown Summer. A special thank-you to everyone at Honest Weight who has helped us support the Sanctuary through food donations. I can't believe tomorrow is the final day of five weeks with these amazing young people in Troy! Here's hoping that the Letter of Interest I wrote for federal funding for a partnership between the Sanctuary and the Consortium turns some heads!