Silurian period

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Plate tectonics continued to move the continents during the Silurian. The southern continent of Gondwana moved farther across the South Pole, while Siberia, Laurentia and Baltica drifted around the equator. Laurentia and Baltica collided, and formed a new supercontinent, Euramerica


It was very cold when it first began, but by the middle it had begun to become much warmer, causing glaciers to melt

Plants & Animals

Plants & Animals

First Vascular plants appeared (Plants that could hold themselves up and could transfer water to other parts of the plant). More and more appeared, which increased the oxygen level, and allowed more bacteria to form, making more animals. It also gave the animals such as scorpions, millipedes, and other insects and amphibians a new habitat. First jawless / Saltwater fish appeared. Land animal fossils were found, but they were only insects. Dominant sea creature was the Sea Scorpion, which was up to 9 feet long


There were a lot of glaciers, but there was also a lot of water from the glaciers that had melted. There were also a few mountains from the recently collied land masses.

Sites to see

Large Reef systems, Glaciers, and Oceans would be beautiful places to go.

Make sure you bring....

Bring Hiking shoes, Swimming gear / scuba diving gear, rope and a pickaxe (for climbing glaciers), Also pack meat, because only herbivores, except the sea Scorpion existed, so they would not be attracted to it. Bring bottled water because salt water is dangerous to drink.


How ever beautiful this world may be, it can prove to be lethal. Large Oceans may present travelers with the possibility of drowning, the glaciers may prove to be dangerous if a travelers slips and falls, and the Sea Scorpion is not a friendly creature to encounter!
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Video About the Sea Life of the Silurian period

The Silurian Period