Auburn Staff Digest

September 16, 2016

A Big Shout Out!

  • ALL hands on deck for an amazing Curriculum Night! Way to SHINE Auburn!
  • Staff looking to meet student needs despite challenges! Way to work it!
  • Jennifer for leading a top notch book fair experience.
  • Welcome to Auburn Pamela Knight-Stouffer! Pam is serving as a para educator in our Level IV classroom.

News to Note...

We will review PIVOT in the Media Center with Carmen Kennedy @ 7:45 on 9/21

Our first PTO Meeting is scheduled for Thursday 9/22. If there is a grade level team willing to take an attendance turn that would be fabulous!

Our first Auburn Eagles assembly will take place this Friday afternoon at 2:50. Please have your class respond in some way to this statement: Auburn Elementary is Awesome Because.....Please also select a representative or two to share their thinking/response to this statement.

Our PTO has moved the Eagles Dance to Friday 9/30. Stay tuned for the schedule.


A great suggestion has been made about the language that we use around "intervention and enrichment". Considering the importance of developing confident learners that are willing to take risks, make mistakes, and know that their ability to learn is not FIXED, how about W.I.N. Time?

W.I.N "What I Need" Time sends a great growth mindset messages to our students about the fact that we are ALL always learning. Different rates, different strengths, different challenges, yet we all need something. Thank you Kristin Little for this suggestion. Language Matters!

Avondale Homecoming

AHS Homecoming is Friday, October 14th. Auburn's theme is "Tangled" - mark your calendar to join us as we walk with the float & get your thinking caps on fun 'theme' apparel?!? Sounds like there is some stiff elementary competition out there :)
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Michigan Board of Education


As you may know there have been some guidelines shared with districts from the Michigan Board of Education about LGBT students. Know that our Superintendent and Title 9 coordinator are working to assure that we are in compliance with all federal and state legislation. This is not something that you should weigh in with personal perspective or opinion. Should you receive questions, please forward them to Dr. Schwarz or myself. Thank you!

Epi Pen

Check out the Epi pen video to refresh your "how to" administer training. I will bring the Epi Pen Trainers into the Media Center on Thursday morning at 7:50. If you would like to practice with the Trainers or ask questions about protocols.
How To Use an EpiPen

@AuburnEagles1 is BACK BABY!

If you aren't a Twitter user there are AT LEAST 10 reasons to go and check it out! Our Auburn Elementary page is back up and running - if you decide to start your own classroom or personal page, please let me know so that the Auburn Eagles can follow you :)

#whyuseashashtag? #growyourPLN #teachingisawesome #tellyourstory #bethegood

5 Dimensions of Teaching & Learning

PIVOT is the online platform that we will use to interact with the 5D+ rubrics, observations and feedback cycles. Our first order of business will be to complete self-assessments and set Areas of Focus for the Fall Inquiry cycle. Carmen Kennedy will host a learning segment at Auburn Elementary on Wednesday, September 21st to help us acquaint ourselves with PIVOT. Join us in the Media Center at 7:45 for this quick overview.

Dr. Schwarz has shared many of the 5D+ support documents via Staff Notes, please let me know if there is anything you'd like to review or talk more about within those documents.

  • Self Evaluations & Areas of Focus Due (in Pivot) - September 30
  • Pre-Inquiry Meetings with Kimberly - October 3-14