Tay-Sachs Disease

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Tay-Sachs Disease

Tay-sachs Disease is a disease witch destroys nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord.

What Kind Of Disorder

Tay-Sachs is Autosomal recessive because both the parents have to pass them down to the child.
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Symptoms and Characteristics you can get from Tay-Sachs include Deafness, Blindness, Decreased muscle tone, Speech problems, Mental illness, and Loss of muscle coordination.


The age is not specific but its mostly developed in babies. Tay-Sachs can come anytime. It is not gender specific.


No treatments for Tay-Sachs. Kids who have this usually live until early childhood.

Personal Life

When Tay-Sachs progresses kids have seizures, vision and hearing loss, paralysis, and intellectual disabilities.
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