Churchill Park Stream Pollution

Stop Polluting!

Churchill Park Stream is polluted, this is terrible. We have to stop littering. Otherwise eels will all die. The will float down the stream to the ocean and then the ocean gets polluted and the fish eat it and get sick and then we eat it we get sick!
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Column Graph

The graph above, shows the amount of rubbish we found each day from Churchill Park stream. We found tennis balls, drinking bottles and newspaper. It's all there because WE are dropping it.

This rubbish is polluting Churchill Park. It is no longer enjoyable to the people who visit the park. The rubbish making it look disgusting!

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Bugs in the stream

The chart above, shows the amount of each bug we found in the stream. The bugs in the stream tell us whether the water is polluted or not. We went down to the stream to look at the bugs on the stream. We found that most of the bugs are the ones that like to live in polluted environments Therefore it shows that the stream is polluted!

Things you can do to help us protect the stream

:Pick up any rubbish you see.

:Put your rubbish in the bin or your pocket.

:When walking your dog, you should bring a poo bag to pick up your dog's poo.

By Aydan Hawken Ollie Bainbridge and Alex Bros