Culture of Gabon

The People

In Gabon there are over 40 different ethnic groups. The largest ethnic group in Gabon is the Fang being 30 percent of the total population. There are also many immigrants mainly from other French-speaking nations on the continent. Libreville, the country's capital and largest city, is home to about one-third of Gabon's total populatin.

Customs and Courtesies

Breakfast is eaten around 7 AM and can consist of bread, croissants, butter, marmalade, eggs, yogurt, and coffee. Lunch is normally eaten around noon and dinner after dark, even as late as 9 PM. In villages breakfast can be leftovers from the previous day. Parents usually work around noon so children eat a snack or light meal at noon.


The Gabonese usually live with extended family in several buildings, usually sharing various chores. When it comes to speaking about marriage the family has great influence in the choice of a marriage partner. In general the Gabonese marry within their ethnic group but outside their village to avoid marrying relatives. In Gabon soccer is the most popular sport followed by basketball.