Chapter 3 A New Government

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Articles of Confederation

When the states became states they came up with the articles of confederation. They had few good things, and a lot of bad things. The bad things are;

  1. 9 States had to agree to pass a law
  2. Each state had their own money
  3. Each state had their own army
  4. States had more power than the national government
5. Relations with Spain and England were poor. ( blocked of Mississippi River

Some good things are;

  1. Ordnance of 1785- they came up with a way to preserve the land
  2. Northwest Ordinance- outlawed slavery in the north

Shays Rebellion

Shays rebellion was a wake up call to the government. A farmer that went to fight in war came back to find that his farm was being taken by the government. He gathered other farmers and they went to attack the government because they took their farms. The farmers quickly got killed but the government knew that they needed to change something