The Kraken

A huge octopus that lives deep in the ocean


A giant beast that can wrap there tentacles around any ship in there way and plunder it down into the deep sea(bill, 2013). The kraken would capture its prey by laying at the bottom of the ocean and waiting for any size of fish to swim by(bill, 2013).

Evidence that the kraken is real

This legendary sea creature has been spotted by many fisherman over the years, but some don't live to tell the stories because there boat/ship was taken down by the Kraken( "The Kraken ,2015"). This kraken is sometimes mistakes as an island, thats how big the kraken really is (kraken, 2016). "There are many cases of people encountering the kraken and either getting injured or even killed" (Krystick, 1996).


Deep under the waves of a long lost ocean there were whale-sized marine reptiles that, it's theorized, might have been attacked and eaten by a giant kraken (The Kraken, 2015). The idea of a kraken was originally proposed a couple of years ago at the meeting of the Geological Society of America by Mount Holyoke College paleontologist Mark McMenamin (The Kraken, 2015). Now he has returned to the annual meeting with what he believes is more evidence of the kraken, including what could be the tip of its tooth like beak, another example of a potential kraken murder case, and the earliest-known fossil of a scavenger crustacean that is today among those found devouring whale carcasses in the ocean depths (The Kraken, 2015).