Term 2 Week 10

Principal's Report

Hi Families!

I would like to share my views on my role in discipline/ behaviour management in a school. When we were cleaning out the library last term I came across a little "punishment" book. In this little book there was a record of all the naughty things the students had done with the principal's name and how they were punished for their wrong doings. The punishments were all in the form of corporal punishment and listed the number of strokes of the cane the students had.I shared it the staff room and we all had a laugh- mostly at some of the crazy things the students had done and also at the need to mention how hard the students were hit!

I have reflected on this memoir from the past and how the role of a principal in a school has changed. But I feel the need to share my approach and views on maintaining positive student behaviour in schools with the community.

Children are people and they make mistakes, as we all do. When a student is sent to me to discuss an incident I like to use this opportunity with the students to discuss their choices, possible consequences of their actions and what we can do to rectify/change things in the future. I will often interview students and witnesses and gather as much information as possible regarding a situation in order to be informed of all view points. Sometimes things out of context can appear more extreme than what they actually are.

In my role I take the time to talk to the students I open up dialogue in such a way that they can share their thoughts. I aim to gain trust rather than shame or punish a child. This is essential in my role as in some circumstance there is a need for a child to share things in their lives that may compromise their safety. I hope I can be that person that makes a positive difference in that one child's life.

I always tell the teachers- I have the time, send them to me. Sometimes if a child is being disruptive in a classroom it may be an indicator that there is something else going on in their life. Sometimes we will go for a walk and talk, sometimes we will do a special job or sometimes the change of scenery is enough for that child to refocus and reenter the classroom with a positive attitude.

I have worked in a variety of school settings over the years and my most recent thoughts on discipline is never to "traumatise the traumatised child." Children's behaviour is sometimes a reflection of their circumstance. Restorative conversations with children assist in them having remorse for their actions and develop healthier interpersonal relationships amongst the other students.

I work with students to negotiate a logical consequence for their behaviour. For example- a child is hitting their friends with sticks at recess well perhaps they can miss a recess and reflect on keeping our friends safe at school. They may suggest this or I may- depending on the individual. Often the children tend to come up with more extreme consequences for themselves, which is always surprising and sometimes they have already tried to "fix" the situation through an apology. The difference between logical consequences and discipline if that logical consequences are : related, respectful and reasonable. A friend once told me that she was made to stand in the rubbish bin and sing the national anthem to the class for talking when the teacher was talking- although we can laugh about these things as adults- its hardly a logical consequence!

I hope that you know that when your child has had a chat with "The Principal" it is just that- a conversation about their life, their education, their friends and guidance in a professional forum. Gone are the days where a principal has a cane hanging behind their door!

Claire Barbosa


High School Cooking

In the last two weeks the students have made Satay Chicken and Vegetable Patties with our fabulous ISS Chefs. Kate Morellini will continue this wonderful initiative next term.

Restructure and New Teachers!

Due to increased numbers at the school we will be restructuring in term 3.

Please see the restructure below that will affect students in Kindy, Yr 2, Yr 3 and SIDE.

You will notice in this model that we welcome a new Kindergarten Teacher and SIDE Teacher. A note will go home to families directly affected by change of teacher or change of classroom. We welcome Amber Cigdem in Kindergarten and Marc Evans in SIDE.

Please click on the link below to view the classroom configuration.

In processing this information please understand that this is a decision that has not been taken lightly and the impact on ALL students has been thought about. I would appreciate any questions/concerns or positive feedback regarding the restructure to come directly to me.

Assemblies and Excursions

Restrictions at WA public schools have been lifted to allow parents, carers and visitors to enter school grounds, subject to physical distancing and good hygiene.

The following events, activities and services may recommence:

  • assemblies, excursions, interschool activities, school choirs and examinations, subject to a limit of 100 people in indoor settings and 300 outdoors
  • in-term swimming classes
  • work placements for secondary school students, provided employers comply with WA COVID-19 Health Guidelines
  • school camps for up to 100 people. Additional guidelines have been developed to provide schools with further information.

Schools must continue to follow good personal hygiene practices and additional cleaning regimes.

Following this advice we will recommence assemblies next term.


Reports will be emailed out on Tuesday 30 June 2020. Teachers were asked to grade only maths and English this semester due to COVID. You will notice a description of what was covered in other subject areas. We aim for a "no surprises" report so any parent of a child having a difficulty in a particular learning would have already had discussions with the classroom teacher. Should you have any queries about the report please contact your child's classroom teacher. Claire and Nicole are always here to assist also. If you do not receive a report on Tuesday please contact Colleen at reception.


Please label jumpers and hats! Many are going missing at the moment. Also- it is essential for all students to wear a school hat for sport, recess and lunch. There are plenty available in the uniform shop if your child's has gone missing.

Drop off and Pick Up

This is still working really well. Can I just remind people not to stroll through the car park. There are cars reversing and coming in and out. We are trying to train the students in road safety, avoiding walking through the car park at all times and crossing at safe places. You are responsible your other children at drop off and pick up- again- do not let them run through the car park. We value the lives of our students and their families.

In the mornings there is a spot at the very front of the school where you can simply kiss and drop without entering the car park. This is a safe option and I encourage you to trial it.

Board Meetings

Due to COVID Board Meetings have been on hold but will resume next term. Please see the dates below:

Wednesday 12 August, 5:00pm

Wednesday 9 September, 5:00pm

High School Work Experience

Our highschool boys are currently engaged in work placements.

Saxon is working as a Trainee Electrician with BHP-Town Maintenance.

Lucas is in a work placement as a Mechanic with Double R.

Orlando is gaining experience with Town Maintenance as a Carpenter.

Thank you to these companies for supporting our students with their dreams.

Kite Project in Pre Primary

Our pre primary students have undertaken a very special project. In science they have been studying weather. Their design and technology project was to design and make a kite to fly. They studied the different shapes of kites prior to making their own successful designs. What a lot of fun pre primaries!

Below you will see some snap shots of all the other fun things that pre primaries have been up to.

School Photos

School photos will occur on Tuesday 21 July (First day back) A note and order form has been sent home with your child.

Cray Cray Hair Day