Renaissance Man Aka "Ideal Man"

What was the change ?

Rebirth of art and learning the city Florence in Italy, Florence brought money to support the arts. Perspective is writing in their common language.A Renaissance man was also called an "Ideal Man".This Man was know to know a little of everything for example poetry, drama, to dance. etc. Medici's are wealthy bankers who were financial supporters of the arts.

Who were the people associated with the change?

Leonardo Da Vinci had painted the Mona Lisa and the last supper.Donatello was the first great sculptor of the Renaissance. Michelangelo was a great painter and sculptor he's "Pieta" and "David" sculptures are masterpieces. Raphael "perfected' renaissance painting he was a favorite painter of the pope because of his amazing detailed paintings. Filippo was Florence's greatest architect was commissioned to build the cuppolo of St. Maria Del Fiore Cathedral
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How did the change impact society at the time ?

Renaissance spread from Italy as scholars from other areas visited. Italian city-states and took the new ideas they saw back. The kings brought Renaissance are, to help spread new ideas. Renaissance ideas spread to the Holy Empire (Germany), England, France, Belgium Netherlands. Architecture-buildings combined Medieval and classical designs. Renaissance in Germany were very religious. Renaissance in England focused on social issues.
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How is that change evidenced in today's modern society ?

The Last Supper impact the religion of today's society. And also the culture there are many variations of this painting. Achievements of Leonardo da vinic he pained the mona lisa and the last supper. His 'last supper" shows Jesus last meeting with the 12 apostles before crucifixion the facial expressions , detailed, emotion made it a masterpiece. This painting had changed people reilgion and the way they pray to god or jesus.