Writing Assesment Task

By Brooke Simpson


Superman (Kal-El/Clark Kent) is an American Icon and is the only survivor of the planet Krypton. His father Jor-El sent him to Earth in a starcraft using an experimental vessel after discovering a nuclear chain reaction building inside Krypton. Therefore, he had his unborn son removed from the Gestation Chambers and sent to Earth just before Krypton exploded. He was then born on Earth and discovered by Jonathan and Martha Kent, who named him Clark, and raised him as their own. On his 18th birthday, his parents showed him were they originally found him, which would explain how he all of a sudden gained super human strength, and the ability to fly. His parents then helped him make a costume so he wouldn't get discovered by anyone, especially reporters. Which he definently didn't need, considering he already got caught the first time he tried to save someone. Superman is an idealist, living by traditional moral values and is devoted to promoting "truth, justice and the American way". He is a very giving person and that is constantly shown, for he is willing to sacrifice whatevers necessary to make something right or even save a life. Superman is healthy, muscular, handsome and very courageous. He's considered a hero because he's so brave and caring, which is essential when your saving lives and defeating villains with your super strength.


Hercules is the son of the Greek God, Zeus and the Greek Goddess, Hera. The day he was born was much to the pleasure of all the gods except for Hades, who learnt that Hercules will one day rise to power and eventually take over the world whilst ruining Hades chances of doing the same. So, to prevent him from taking over the world he sent his minions Pain and Panic, to kidnap Hercules and feed him a potion completely stripping him of his immortality. But because they were interrupted they forgot he had to drink all of it, therefore he regained his strength and defeated them. As he grew older and became much stronger his adoptive parents decided to tell him the truth, that he was once a son of the gods and that he must see his father, Zeus. Once there, his father told him he must prove himself a true hero before he is allowed on Mount Olympus with the other gods. So alongside his flying horse, Pegasus, he tried doing good deeds wherever he went, but sadley none of them were good enough to get him on Mount Olympus. Eventually he meets Philoctetes, an unhappy satyr who has yet to train a true hero and decides to help Hercules. They then try to rescue a beautiful damsel in distress, Megara, from a centaur named Nessus, they barely succeed and Megara returns to the forest were she is relieved to have sold her soul to Hades to save her lover's life, even though he abandoned her. But now she must do favors for Hades or she will be forced to spend an eternity in the underworld, after Hades discovers Hercules is still alive he plots to kill him once again using Megara. Megara's job was to find out Hercules weakness so Hades could use it against him, as it turns out Megara is Hercules weakness, and she might even be falling in love with him. Phil later finds out about Megara working with Hades and try's to warn Hercules, but Hercules is too smitten by her to notice. Once he finds out about Megara working with Hades it is too late, as she is already tied up and Hades is threatening to kill her unless, Hercules gives his powers to Hades. Megara says no, but Hercules refuses and gives his powers to Hades. Megara is let go, and just as a pillar is about to fall on top of Hercules, Megara pushes him out of the way, thus sacrificing herself. Therefore returning his powers, but killing Megara, he then begs the gods to save her but it's too late, as she is already in the River Styx. He then offers his soul in return for her life, and as he looks down he realizes, she is in fact alive. After his father saw how willing he was to give up his life in order to save Megara's, he decided to save her soul (thus bringing her back to life) and declaring Hercules a true hero. Hercules is very muscular, confident and brave especially when staring directly at danger. I believe the reason he's considered a hero is because of all the things he went through to get on Mount Olympus and all the things he did to be with Megara.

Black Widow

Natalia "Natasha" Alianovna Romanova (Black Widow), was born in 1928 in Soviet Russia. She was apparently orphaned as a child, as she was discovered in a burning building during an early attack on Stalingrad, by enemy forces. Ivan Petrovitch Buzokoh, a soviet soldier, was the one who discovered Natasha and ended up raising her for most of her life, always keeping a watchful eye. Until the late 1930's, when she attracted the attention of The Soviet Intelligence, which began her training right away. In 1941 the ninja clan the Hand, attempted to brainwash her into serving them until she was saved by Ivan, Logan ( James Howlett, later Wolverine ) and Captain America. Following World War ll, Natasha was recruited to be apart of the Black Widow Program, an elite group of female sleeper agents. She studied ballet to cover up her true occupation, and was eventually arranged to marry Alexi Shostakov, by the Soviet State. After a few years of being happily married the KGB faked Alexi's death in a rocket test, which sent Natasha into a deep depression, but despite what happened she decided to finish her study as a ballerina and was eventually awarded the title "Black Widow". Natasha has long red hair and is very strong both mentally and physically, she doesn't let many things get to her, but that definitely doesn't mean she's not capable of feeling. She is very tough and usually carrying a gun, I believe her qualities are what makes her such a great hero and the fact that she's willing to risk it all.

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon (Serena Tsukino) was born on the 30th of June, she is 14 years old and was just your under-achieving junior high student until she met a talking cat with a crescent moon on it's forehead. The cat's name was Luna and gave Serena a locket which when used turns her from Serena, your average teenager, to Sailor Moon a super hero sent to fight the evil forces threatening Earth. Becoming Sailor Moon has given Serena new maturity, strength and the power to later become the Queen of Crystal Tokyo (and Earth) in the 30th century. As it turns out Serena was born a thousand years ago when she lived in Moon Kingdom as Princess Serena, and after a viscous battle with the evil that is Negaverse, she was reborn in the present day as Serena Tsukino. After, using the magical locket and with the help of the Imperium Silver Crystal the part of her that was Princess Serena of Moon Kingdom, awoke. Serena has long blonde hair and blue eyes, she is a girly girl and drama queen. She is usually described as a crybaby and a complete and utter klutz, she is also Japanese and hates school. She is considered a hero because she is very powerful and stubborn, which means once she puts her mind to something there's no going back, she is also determined to "right wrongs and triumph over evil, that means you!".


Wolverine (James Howlett) was born in Alberta, Canada during the late 19th century. He was the second son of wealthy landowners John and Elizabeth Howlett, he was a very frail boy with poor health and a mother who largely neglected him. His mother was institutionalized for a period of time following the death of her first born son John Jr, in 1897. He only had two friends, they both lived on the estate with him, a young red-headed girl named Rose and a boy they all called Dog, he was the groundkeepers son. The groundskeeper, Thomas Logan, was an alcoholic and very abusive towards Dog. They were all very close friends, but as they reached young adulthood, things got more difficult especially for Dog who had made unwanted advancements towards Rose. Therefore, James told his dad and Dog retaliated by killing James beloved pet. So, they kicked Thomas and his son off the estate, but that didn't stop Dog or his father, from what they did next. Apparently, at one stage, James' mother dated Dog's father, which made Thomas think that she belonged to him. So, in the middle of the night Thomas and his son broke into James' house and attempted to kidnap his mother, and just as James walked in the door of his parents bedroom he saw Thomas struggle with his father, then eventually pull out a gun and shoot him. At that moment all he could feel was rage, that was the first time he mutated and as his claws extended from the backs of his hands he pounced, eventually killing Thomas Logan and scarring Dog's face with three claw marks. James' mother, who was already emotionally disturbed, then proceeded to pick up Thomas's gun and shoot herself. Fearing what will happen if they were to get caught, Rose fled the scene alongside James. James is a mutant, who's claws extend from the backs of his hands when he gets too enraged. He's emotionally scarred since the incident and hasn't been the same since, he has forgotten most of it, but is still filled with rage and anger. I believe he's considered a hero because he's not like other people, and he's also decided to use his differences for the good of mankind.