Shimmering Shrimp!

By : Prerana Pokarna


Would you believe that there are 2,000 species of something you might eat for dinner ?! Even if you traveled all the way across the world , you could have it ! It isn’t even the color you may think it is ! What are these fascinating animals that are smaller than the size of rulers ? They are shrimp ! Keep reading and find out all about this creature of the sea’s habitat , its body structure and appearance , and how it moves !


There is a whole lot more to learn about shrimp . For example , did I mention shrimp can rapidly dart backwards by flexing their body to get away from any predators that might want to eat them ? Oh , and did you know that these captivating creatures have transparent shells and beady eyes ? As you can see , shrimp are truly enthralling , terrific , and satisfying animals .

Shrimp Word Wall

Take a re-look at the words that will help you understand more about shrimp !
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Go Fish!

I had a ton of fun during the cycle , Go Fish , budgeting and shopping . My tank was a 20 - gallon tank .I needed 5.74 gallons of water . I chose 2 cherry barbs and 1 silver molly . A cherry barb is red on its stomach and fins with white on its sides . It also has a dotted black line through the middle. Silver mollies , like their name says , are silver , majestic , friendly , and sparkle all over . My tank includes a blue stone castle , coral garden rock , an aqua bloom blue plant , and a blue ribbon stone bridge , and blue gravel . As you can probably tell , I had a blue theme . In total , I spent $123.95 .




3. clown fish






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