Air Pollution Affects Lung Health

By Lexi Simpson

What can affect me outside?

Outdoor air pollution is caused from car exhaust, smoke, road dust and factory emissions. Also the quality can be caused from plants crops and weeds. Higher pollution when by bigger roads and where people burn wood.

It can Happen in your own Home!

your eyes, nose, and throat, can get irritated from pollution in the home. It can also lead to chronic heart and lung problems and cancer. air pollution in the home can come from wood smoke, tobacco smoke, gas burning furnaces, gas burning apliances, radon gas, mold and allergens

How do we prevent this from happening?


  • Buy Energy Star appliances! They are environmentally friendly.
  • Choose efficient, low-polluting models of vehicles.

  • DO NOT smoke in the home! Cut down smoking, also.
  • Recycle glass, carboard, paper, and more.

Fun&Easy ways to recycle and reuse!


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