Ivan Pavlov

The Life of Ivan Pavlov

Ivan Petrovich Pavlov was born on September 14, 1849. Mr. Pavlov passed away on February 27, 1936. Ivan was born and raised in Russia. Pavlov decided to abandon his religious career and start to learn more about science. In 1870 Mr. Pavlov enrolled in the physics and mathematics faculty to take the course in natural science. In 1875 he received the degree of Candidate and Natural Sciences. Ivan decided to continue his studies at the Academy of Medical. He finished at the Academy in the year of 1879.

Ivan's Contributions to Psychology

Mr. Pavlov

While Ivan Pavlov was not a psychologist, and reportedly did not like the field of psychology altogether, his work had a major influence on the field, particularly on the development of behaviorism. His discovery on reflexes influenced the growing behaviorist movement, and his work was often cited in John B. Watson's writings. Other researchers utilized Pavlov's work in the study of conditioning as a form of learning.