Freak the Mighty

By Roman Philbrick

Main Chracters

The Main characters are Max Kane and Kevin Avery.


The book is about Max Kane(who narrates the story) and he is a big guy, shy,low self esteem, and thinks hes stupid.he lives with his grandparents due to his father killing his mom. A few years later, when hes in middle school there is new neighbors. It is a boy named Kevin but is nicknamed freak because he is short and crippled.He is with his mom Gwen.They becomes friends. Freak would get on max's shoulders and act as a "brain and max as a strong body." With the time they are together, they go on "adventures" and have a great friendship. Freak also helps max with reading and writing.

I Enjoyed The novel

I enjoyed the novel. My favorite part was when they have adventures I enjoyed the book but, I would change the ending of the story though. I liked the two main characters the most.


I would recommend this book to anybody.


this book uses colloquial language. It has similes, metaphors,Imagery, and many more. The book has words that are easy to read. Only a few words might be hard.