Animal Abuse & Rights

By Calli Gutierrez

Living Things Deserve The Best Life

Everything that is breathing & walking this Earth deserves to be treated right. If you own an animal, you should treat it the way it is expected to be treated. When an animal is adopted, the place you adopt it from expects you to treat it with love and care. If the shelter knew how some people are so cruel to animals, they wouldn't let you adopt it,

Unit 1: Culture & Environment

Animal abuse is spread all over the country. Some countries say that it is part of their culture to harm animals, especially dogs. A current event in China, that has been going on is the Chinese beating, torturing them and letting them suffer until they die. They do this awful thing just because they think that the dog meat tastes better when the animal is severely beaten beforehand. This ritual is part of their culture. Environment also effects the rates of animal abuse and rights, Usually overpopulated countries and poor areas are more likely to hurt animals and treat them poorly because there is a large population of them and they think it is okay to harm them. Animal abuse is extremely common but as the years go on, their are less reports of it because unfortunately there are ways of getting away with it.
cases increasing & decreasing (factual evidence)

By clicking this button, it will show you how many cases have been recorded of certain types of animal abuse in different areas.

Unit 2: Migration & Social Groups

Once again, abusing of dogs relates back to China. China is the major country where the people think abusing dogs is okay to do. Since they think that is okay to do, the Chinese all migrated to a certain area or country where they could do this without being judged by the other social groups around them. They were not to be judged because everybody in China thinks it is okay and nobody would have a problem with it. By doing this, it creates the Chinese's cultural mosaic to show who they are and what they do.

Unit 3: Exploitation, Belief Systems & Natural Reourcess

Animal abuse really connects to Unit 3. Many countries harm animals to exploit them to their need. Elephants tusks are made of ivory, animals with soft fur are skinned, and exotic animals are taken from wild and exploited for entertainment. People are doing this because they value what the animals bodies offer. However, this should not be the case. People should value the animal, respect it and let it keep walking the Earth. Some species are already going extinct because of how people are treating them. Animals are a natural part of life on this Earth and if there is not a change, there will be none left.

Unit 4: Rights, Power & Freedom

Even though animals are not humans, animals still have the right to live freely without any unneeded harm from cruel, harsh humans. Humans are taking advantage of all the power they have and using it in awful ways. As humans, we need to respect the animals and not take advantage and use them to our favor. Freedom is among the world but not everybody has it. As some people say they are "just animals" but those animals are living, breathing and walking this Earth. But, if they are being abused the way they are now, that statement may turn false and there will be no animals left.


Free the animals in captivity, save the dogs from China, and put a stop to animal abuse. There are generations and generations that have long lives ahead of us, whether they want to live it with animals or not is all up to us.