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Schoology Tidbits - One item per week you might want to use


you can create an event in Schoology Calendar even if it is not an assignment?

Say you have something you want students to remember is happening, but you don't need to create a homework or quiz assignment for it. You can create an event instead so it will show up on students' updates. See Tim's link below for detailed instructions on this and other calendar items.

Homework Help!

Getting kids to do the work we ask is a struggle. The images below give a few suggestions that have worked here at KV. Click on the link below them to read more ideas, including some information on why kids cheat.

PLEASE write me with more things that work for you so I can build the list of things that work HERE and with OUR KIDS!

Big picture

Polls as formative assessments

Formative assessments serve the purpose of letting us know how many of our kids understood today's lesson. They are not graded as the goal is to FORM our instruction for tomorrow. One quick way to assess is to use online POLLS. You can do this in Schoology or with a variety of other online tools. The beauty of online polls is you get a big picture of the class and give a voice to the quiet kids. Below are some links to help you out.

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