Poetry: Elegy

Ever wanted to know the history of a poet? Lets find out

poetry has been here for a while, especially elegy poems.

Elegy poems have been around since the 7th century B.C, in Greece, which was later taken up and further developed in Rome. Elegy covers a wide range of subject matter (death, love, war).It usually has a type of musical work and a sad or somber theme. It is about 32 stanzas long an mostly about the authors life.

Langston Hughes, a famous poet.

Langston Hughes is one famous poet that has written a lot of poetry before, he was born february 1st, 1902, in Joplin, Missouri. One of his most famous poems were " Harlem was in vogue". Which he wrote for reasons many other poets write for a tough or great time or experience in their life.