From "Snurfers" to Snowboards

The history of snowboarding

It all started with Sherman (1965)

In 1965 Sherman Poppen created the “Snurfer” by bracing two Kmart water skis together and started surfing down the snow. The “Snurfer” is a mix between the words snow and surfer. A couple of weeks later, Sherman added a rope to the front of the board to help turn easier and to hold onto the board so that it doesn’t slide away when you fall. People in his town started buying the “Snurfers” from him and they soon got more popular.
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First Official Snowboard Company (1972)

In 1972, Dimitrije Milovich started Winterstick, the first modern snowboard company. He dropped out of Cornell, moved to Utah and started testing his prototype boards. People were calling the snowboards “Snow Surfboard” and tons of people were starting to buy them.


In 1978 The Burton-Sims war started. Jake Burton and Tom Sims both were very passionate about snowboards and they didn’t like each other. Burton moved to Vermont from New York and started making what everybody called a “snurfer” or “Snow Surfboard” and he called it the Burton Board. For over a decade, Burton and Sims were basically at war, trying to make their snowboards better and trying to expand their business by selling more boards. In the end, Sims was more of a surfer than a businessman, compared to Burton and Burton still, to this day has some of the best snowboards.

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After the War

After Burton and Sims, more people that were interested started to make different styles of snowboards, hoping to make money. For example, some snowboards have certain cuts or shapes that help them with different skills such as terrain or going in deeper powder.

Different Kinds of Snowboards

There is just the average, regularly shaped snowboard that most beginners start out with and a lot of people use even if they aren't beginners call the All - Mountain Snowboard. But there are also many different types. There is a split snowboard. This board splits into two skis so that you can hike up slopes in the skis and then put them together and snowboard down. Another type of snowboard is the swallow tail snowboard. This snowboard has a v-shape cut in the back of the board to help sink into the powder. There are many different kinds and those are just three examples.


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