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Keeping the Learning Alive!

Do you sign in when you come to school?

As part of our protocol when visitors come to our school, even when you are volunteering, stopping to sign in is a requirement. For the safety and security of all who enter our doors, it is a must that you comply with this procedure. If you plan to stay for a particular reason-reading to children, library work, etc. please ask for a badge to be worn visibly. It is wonderful that you are here to learn and support us and we are grateful for your cooperation.

The children's writing is very convincing

Our children have been working very hard at their persuasive writing-all the way from 5K to grade 4. Many different topics have been flown around out there and some have touched home about what should change arouond your place. I know I have read quite a few about slippery places and how to fix them. Here is a hopeful piece of advice from a 5K child.

I hope you will continue to support your children's writiing and enjoy each and every piece. Poetry is going very well in gr. 2 too!

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TRIVIA NIGHT-everyone had a smile on their face!

From the time I walked into Bristlecone's entrance, i was greeted with a multitude of parents who were there to support our schools. The on-line auction made for some very exciting times and truly remarkable results. Over 200 joined in the festivities and were tested with some very challenging trivia questions. Congratulations to the team who organized and coordinated the event. It was terrific! Mr. Posick and I weren't on this 1st place team.
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Spporting our Young Actors and the Play

Please check out this opportunity for the studetns. Terrific group of hardworking kids who will put on a great show. Hope that you can help them out. Thank you!

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Starts with kindness

Our 4K children in Mrs. Baral's room did some quilting with the spirit of kindness. They can be very proud of their work and how they are so kind to others.

Mike Budisch, Head Learner

The gaga pit has seen lots of play over the past months. Even during the very cold and snowy periods, the children have been in there swatting at the red white and blue ball ( little larger than a 12 inch softball, but much softer) trying to get their classmates out. Thank you so much Mr. Frederick for the turf that is in the base of the pit-it makes it so much more fun for everyone.