Mark Twain's Life


*he was born on Nov. 30 1835

* his parents are Josh Marshall and Jane Lampton

* he was born in Florida, Missouri

* he was one of seven children

* his religion is Athiest


* At 4 years old (1839) his family moved 35 miles east to Hannibal

* Samuels father was a judge

* He built a two story frame house at 206 hill street in 1814

* He had poor health so he was kept indoors

* At the age of 12 his father died of penomia


* At age nine he attended a private school in Hannibal, Missouri

* Samuel left school to become a printer in st. louis

* He became a river piolts apprentice

* The name Mark twain comes from his days as a river boat piolet

* As a river boat piolet Twain earned about 150 to 160$ a month


* In 1861 Clemens began working as a newspaper reporter for several newspapers

* Twain began to gain fame when his story " the celebrated jumping frog of calavaras county" was in the New York newspaper

* In 1866 he worked for Sacramento Union sent by the paper A.S.A correspondent

* Tn 1868 he wrote the innocents abroad

* Twain wrote over 28 books


* Spouse~ Olivia Langdon Clemens

* Daughter~ Susy Clemens

* Daughter~ Clara Clemens

* In 1870 Olivia and mark got married and settled in Buffalo, New York

* On April 21st, 1910 Mark twain passed away of a heart attack

Hobbies/ Interest

* He liked cats

* He loved to go boating

* He wrote over 28 books

* Even though he was Athiest he belived in different religions

* He loved to write and felt it was his passion