Westside Middle School

August 20, 2020

We had a great first few days of school. As of yesterday, students are coming on their assigned day based on their last name. Please make sure your student only attends when they are supposed to. We will continue to follow this schedule until September 4th. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thursdays = L-R

Fridays = S-Z

Mondays = A-E

Tuesdays = F-K

If you are learning at home these next four days, please make sure your student is checking their email and Google classroom for activities they need to complete. Please note that teachers are aware that some students will not receive their computer until Monday or Tuesday next week, therefore there will be limited assignments. For more clarification on how these first 4 full days are being handled, please refer to Mrs Eymann's email that was sent out on Thursday, August 20th.

Kim Eymann - Principal



Brian Stevens - Assistant Principal (He will handle all questions on Busing)

Dean for 8A & 7C



Jenni Allen - Assistant Principal & Special Services Department Chair



Dan Carlson - Dean & Athletic Director

Dean for 7A, 7B, & 8B



Corrie Philo - Dean for 7D, 8C, & 8D



Expectations for Learning at Home

Daily responsibilities:

  • Complete assignments and lessons for each class as they are listed on the student schedule just as if they were in school.

  • Log in to the Google classroom daily to access videos, learning activities (assignments), and feedback.

    • Teachers will send out Google Classroom Invites through email.

  • Turn in assignments according to teacher-assigned due dates

  • Log into WebEx during Spark/Homeroom on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

    • Spark Teacher will send out a WebEx link based on your team’s spark time (see below)

    • First Spark WebEx meeting will take place on Thursday, August 27th.

    • Attendance will be taken

      • (8A and 8D) SPARK 11:25-11:55

      • (8B and 8C) SPARK 10:55-11:25

      • (7A and 7C) SPARK 12:48-1:18

      • (7B and 7D) SPARK 12:18-12:48

  • Check school email daily and respond appropriately

Helpful Hints:

  • Establish a space in the home to focus on and complete assignments

  • Set an alarm for any scheduled WebEx meetings so you don’t miss them.

  • Establish a safe space in the home to safely secure the school-issued device when not in use.

  • Email the teacher when there are questions or concerns

    • Teachers will work with students before and after school. There will also be opportunities for students to log in to WebEx during Warrior Time.

  • It is suggested to try to follow your daily schedule as you are completing your school work. (If you have math 1st period, try to work on math during the 1st period time frame)

    • The bell schedule is posted below for you to follow while at home.

7th Grade Bell Schedule

Pd 1: 8:00-8:40

Pd 2: 8:43-9:23

Pd 3: 9:26-10:06

Pd 4: 10:09-10:49

Pd 5: (7th) 10:52-11:32

Pd 6: (7th) 11:35-12:15

Spark/Lunch: 12:18-1:18

Pd 8: 1:21-2:01

Pd 9: 2:04-2:44

WarriorTime 2:47-3:15

8th Grade Bell Schedule

Pd 1: 8:00-8:43

Pd 2: 8:46-9:26

Pd 3: 9:29-10:09

Pd 4: 10:12-10:52

Spark/Lunch 10:55-11:55

Pd 6: (8th) 11:58-12:38

Pd 7: (8th) 12:41-1:21

Pd 8: 1:24-2:04

Pd 9: 2:07-2:47

WarriorTime 2:50-3:15

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Google Classroom

At WMS, all staff will be using Google Classroom as their Learning Management System (LMS). All assignments will be assigned and turned in through each teacher's google classroom. Teachers will be sending out invites to parents so you are able to access materials. If you need help with google classroom please click on this link for tutorials. https://area66.westside66.org/home/parent-resources-for-digital-learning/
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Parents must call into the attendance secretary, Ms. Hilt, if your student is ill or not able to attend/participate in school that day. This is necessary no matter if the student physically attends school or is an extended campus learner. Please make sure this is done by 9:00 AM.

The attendance number is 402-408-8649 or 402-390-6464

If your student is experiencing any of the following symptoms please do not come to school.

  • Fever or chills
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Headache
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Sore throat
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Diarrhea

Please note, we will not be honoring perfect attendance this year as we need students to stay home when they are not feeling well.

Attached below is a Parent COVID Safety Tip Sheet.

After School Library!

Westside Middle School offers after school library hours. This opportunity allows students to have a quiet work space to complete homework after school with adult supervision. It will begin on Monday, August 24 and will be located in the Cafeteria to allow for social distancing.

After School Library hours are as follows (please note it will not be available on Wednesdays):

Monday - 3:15-5:00

Tuesday - 3:15-5:00

Wednesday Closed

Thursday 3:15-5:00

Friday 3:15-5:00

In order to supervise and track student attendance accurately, we are asking parents/guardians to fill out the registration found at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSejPAqoVoG1qGNlFaPqbvb20XCaLlWwSQbT1fVGgHh8kRlYYg/viewform. Each student needs to be signed up in advance.

Corrie Philo


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Counseling Department

Welcome back! Let’s make it a great year!

Another school year is upon us! As with any new year, many changes infiltrate our routines, and this year is no different. To help ensure your child finds success this year, here are some tips and information to consider:

  • Communicate with your child’s teacher(s) – ask your questions, clarify the homework, attend the parent-teacher conference, inform teachers of changes at home that might impact your child’s day. Teachers are better able to meet your child’s needs if they are able to openly and honestly communicate with you.
  • Communicate with your child – remember to include your child in conversations about their school day, their homework, or their friendships. They may have important insight to share with you! Let their voice be heard.
  • Respect the school’s decisions about protocols – as unnecessary as some rules may seem, it’s important to understand they exist for a reason. If you aren’t sure why we do something a certain way, ask! All protocols are a work in progress to meet the safety needs of you, your child, and all school staff. Safety first!
  • Keep an open mind to new ways of teaching or handling behaviors – education is not static, it’s ever-changing. Thus, your child’s teacher or support staff may be trying a new technique to help students succeed. Please don’t speak unkindly of any adults or students at school with or in front of your child. If you don’t respect school or the people there, your child won’t either.
  • Let your child fail – children need to experience failure in order to succeed. Letting your child feel sad, frustrated, or nervous sometimes is so important; they will learn that they can overcome such feelings and that they can trust themselves. Protecting your child too much can lead to helplessness and powerlessness, leaving your child lacking the emotional resources needed to cope with inevitable setback and failure. Childhood is the prime time for mistakes; let it happen and support your child along the way. (Lahey, J., Jan, 2013; TheAtlantic.com)

Westside has an amazing partnership with Children's Behavioral Health. Please see the attached document explaining our partnership.

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News from the Athletic Director

WMS Athletics Information

Football Equipment Checkout

8th graders that signed up to play football will check out equipment next week in the pit. Athletes need to make plans to stay after school until 4:30 the day they attend school next week to be fitted for helmets, shoulder pads, and pants. A reminder that all athletes need to have a parental consent form completed and on file with Mr. Carlson prior to the first day of practice. Practice will begin Monday, August 31st.

Volleyball Tryouts

7th and 8th grade girls who signed up for volleyball must attend tryouts on the day they attend school next week in order to be placed on a team. Tryouts will run from 3:30-5:00 each day after school next week. This year we will have 3 teams(Varsity, JV, and Reserve). A reminder that all 7th graders must have a sports physical on file at school, and all athletes must have a signed parental consent form turned in to Mr. Carlson prior to the first day of practice.

Cross Country

7th and 8th graders that signed up for cross country will begin practice Thursday, August 27th. They will get additional information at the time they sign up to bring home. A reminder that all 7th graders must have a sports physical on file at school, and all athletes must have a signed parental consent form turned in to Mr. Carlson prior to the first day of practice.

Please remember that each student athlete must have a Physical Examination and Parental Consent form (attached below) completed and signed by all necessary individuals prior to the beginning of athletic practice. For 7th grade students, the physical examination requirement has likely been met as part of the WMS enrollment process. 8th graders, will use their physical from their 7th grade year as long as we have it on file. If you are a new 8th grade student you will need to submit that to the Health Office.

Dan Carlson, Athletic Director

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Proper School Dress and Student Handbook

Please remember hats, hoods, and bandanas (including paisley bandanas) are not allowed to be worn in our building.

Our Handbook is attached below for your reference.

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Start on Time

Westside Middle School is committed to ensuring that class time is used effectively and efficiently. In 2019 we adopted a new set of procedures called “Operation START on Time!”--the acronym stands for “Safe Transitions And Reduced Tardies.”

All teachers will help supervise the halls during the time between classes. When the bell rings teachers having classes will close their doors and begin teaching immediately. Each hallway will have designated staff members working with any students to problem solve ways to prevent them from being late again. Tardy students will write an explanation of why they were late, which will be entered into our records. Moreover, this explanation will be sent in an email to parents/guardians so that families are kept informed.

The tardy student will be escorted to his or her classroom. The escorting staff member will ensure that the student does not disrupt the class and will signal to the teacher that all necessary paperwork has been completed. We will begin these procedures on Thursday, August 26th. We have waited to implement this to ensure that all students know where they are going within the building. Students learned about Start on Time on Friday, August 20th during homeroom.

For students who are late, these procedures ensure that the family is kept informed and that records are kept so the continuum of consequences is consistent for all students. Our hope is that implementing this continuum will help students learn the importance of punctuality. The consequences for repeated tardiness within a semester are as follows:

1st Tardy Note home

2nd Tardy Note home

3rd Tardy Note home

4th Tardy Note home; 1 detention and meet w/ dean

5th Tardy Note home; 1 detention and meet w/ dean

6th Tardy Note home; 1 detention and meet w/ dean

7th Tardy Note home; 2 detentions and meet w/ dean

8th Tardy Note home; 2 detentions and meet w/ dean

9th Tardy Note home; 2 detentions and meet w/ dean

10th Tardy Note home; Parent Meeting & Wednesday night school (develop tardy plan that includes the possibility of additional consequences)

For students who are consistently on time, these procedures ensure that tardy students will not be allowed to disrupt the flow of the teacher’s lesson. These procedures have been very successful which has increased learning time for all students and contributed to the positive atmosphere of our school.

We encourage students to ask their teacher to use the restroom once they get to class, as we are aware that using the restroom during passing period may not be doable, depending on where their classes are located.