Sole Proprietorship

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What is a Sole Proprietorship?

A business owned and operated by one person, and is responsible for all dept in the business

Naming the business

The business can simply be named after the owner, or can use a fictitious name (trade name). If the business were to be named after a trade name, the owner must file an assumed or fictitious name certificate by a local or state public office. This is so that people will know the real name of the owner if needed to be contact by any means. Lastly, they must have a business licence to do business under state laws or local ordinance.


States can differ for the rules of having a licence, for some states, its requires, for others, it's an exceptions rather than rules. But most states require an a tax licence or permit for all retail business. However, a business that serve's liquor requires additional licence that may be harder to qualify for. When hiring employees, owner must file for a federal Employment identification number or EIN, so the government can keep track of the taxes you are required to pay your employees.

In the state of Illinois, all businesses must register their business with the Illinois department of revenue for taxation purposes and the Illinois department of employment security for paying unemployment taxes for their workers and also carry worker's compensation insurance.


  • very easy to start up
  • can start up a business within days
  • is in-expensive to create a sole prop. business
  • very few rules and regulations for the government
  • can freely mix personal and business assets
  • all the profits goes to the owner
  • doesn't need to pay tax employment on him/herself, but have to pay unemployment tax on employees.


  • owner is personally 100% responsible for all the dept that may occur in the business. If owner doesn't have enough money, he/she needs to sell their personal assets to pay off all liabilities of the business
  • Its harder for a sole proprietorship to get big loans from creditors because they feel its to risky that they are not likely to pay them back so creditors put high interest on the loans.
  • It's very unlikely that this type of business survives their dept, if dept may occur
  • difficult to attract talented/qualified employees.