Science With Mr. Harvey

12th Edition, 2014-15

This Week in Science...

We will be taking our Science District Assessment on Wednesday (Thursday is a make-up day). The DA's are a good way see how our kiddos compare to the others around the district. We are normally right at the top, and judging by this year's group that trend should continue. We will have a two-day review festival on Monday and Tuesday in class to help refresh their minds. They will have a study guide to fill out at each station. The answers to that study guide will be on my website. I have also collected a few short (<5 min) review videos and placed them on my website for added review.

Other than the DA, we will be identifying balanced and unbalanced chemical equations. Our Chemistry unit is coming to an end unfortunately. I think the kids have enjoyed the labs we have done in this unit even more than the last.

Pictures from the last couple of weeks.

Science Fair Information

Don't forget the website for Science Fair!

The deadline list and website say that the First Rough Draft is due this Monday (Nov 10). I will certainly accept them on Monday, but I hate Monday deadlines. So, I am extending the deadline to Wednesday (Nov 12).

It should be double-spaced, and typed in 12-font.