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January 2021

Read To Me Initiative

The Read To Me Initative began January 1!

See details below for information about the requirements and how to get your copy!

Happy Reading!

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Reading to your baby early is not about their understanding what is being read to them, but about the experience. Parents who read aloud to their young child enhance the parent-child relationship, prepare their child to learn language, and build early literacy skills.

Great Beginnings Early Education Center Library and Parents as Teachers are partnering to launch an initiative with the goal of providing the gift of a board book (Read to Me by Judi Moreillon) to each family under the umbrella of Great Beginnings services* to celebrate the birth or adoption of a new baby.

The program launched January 1, 2021.

To let us know about a new baby (born August 1, 2020 or later), go to the Parents as Teachers website and click on the Read To Me link or contact your parent educator.

*Parents as Teachers, Head Start, Early Head Start, and those enrolled in Great Beginnings preschool - both the Legacy location as well as satellite sites.

Former Lee's Summit High School student and current Denver Bronco's quarterback, Drew Lock knows the importance of reading and has made a generous donation to the Read To Me Initiative to get us started. Thank you Drew!!!
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Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

Box Fun - Thinking Outside The 'Box'

What Can I Do Today?

Looking for some fun indoor ideas?

Playdough is a great indoor activity. There are many benefits to playdough: your child uses their fingers and hands together, your child is experimenting with a material that is interesting to touch, and your child is sorting out and using their senses to figure out how things feel and smell. Playdough is also a good frustration reliever as children are able to pinch, pound, and roll with their hands. Click on the link below to learn about why we play with playdough and why we want to encourage our children to.

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Buckling Up Safely

Starting The New Year Off With A Fun Idea

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Happy Parenting!