July 2017 Edition

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The purpose of this newsletter is to inform those interested in USD 235 Uniontown events. We will also highlight the successes of our students and staff. This newsletter will be produced monthly and sent out on or about the 15th of each month. If you have school related information that you would like included, please send it to .

Expect More

Change isn't easy. Starting out new can be tough until you learn how the system works. As we look forward to a new year, we look forward to success with all students, just as Uniontown has always done. We look forward to making our kids the best they can be. We look forward to providing opportunities for them to learn and grow not only as individuals, but as classmates and teammates. There is a time to look back and see the rich traditions that this school has created. They provide a strong foundation for us to stand on as we look to the success of the students of this community. This information is from a national testing service: “Seventy percent of the participants in one study were confident that they could have graduated high school if they had stayed in school, and 66% said they would have
worked harder if their teachers and parents had had higher expectations of them." - ETS study, 2012. Expectations at Uniontown are already high. We will expect more. We will rise to a standard that will cause other communities to take notice. Will it happen over night? No, but over the course of the year you will notice an increase in expectations. Over the next 5 years you will notice a ever growing tidal wave of success from our students. Every time that wave comes in............Expect More. Go Eagles!



During the past five months, I had the chance to spend 6 days in the Uniontown School District meeting people, listening and learning. This was a wonderful experience! After each trip, a

common theme stuck in my mind: Uniontown has a great group of people to educate the 450+ students here.

Superintendent Jan Hedges was my first contact from Uniontown once I was hired. She reached out to me the night the board finalized my contract and set the stage for a successful transition. I appreciate Mrs. Hedges’ willingness to help me get my feet on the ground; she is a great resource as I begin my Uniontown journey.

After the interview process, my wife, Cristy, and I reflected on the number of great people we had met along the way. Over the next several months, each time I visited a school or employee, I was impressed by the leadership in the Uniontown district.

Here are just a few quick observations:

  • I enjoyed my time with the Uniontown Board of Education during my interview and I continued to talk with them during my visits to Uniontown. I am excited about the conversations we have had, and I look forward to building a strong professional relationship as we begin this long-term journey.

  • I have met everyone in the administrative offices at the district office; I am excited about expanding my professional relationship with the members of the district office team.

  • I have visited all the buildings and had the opportunity to tour each one with Mrs. Hedges and Mr. Jackman and Mr. Calvin, while meeting a number of staff and students along the way. I really like the educational and student-centered atmosphere at all of the schools.

  • Finally, each time I was in Uniontown, I have had the opportunity to meet parents, community members and business leaders. Whether I’m grabbing a quick coffee or meal at the convenience store, enjoying a meal at the cafe, watching the fireworks in the park, the result is the same – I’m meeting and getting to know #GreatPeople.

I’m excited about the opportunities that are available to the students in Uniontown. Knowing that #GreatPeople are already in place will make my transition much easier. I know I will continue to expand my growing network of parents, patrons, business partners, and colleagues here locally and at surrounding colleges and vocational centers.

I look forward to becoming a valued member of the Uniontown team, and I know that this journey we are embarking on will be filled with opportunities, possibilities and even sometimes challenges.

My first step in the journey is to reflect on Uniontown’s rich past and consider the future possibilities. I challenge everyone to take a moment and look at our schools and our community through a fresh lens. I think you will be excited about the possibilities ahead of us.

Let the journey begin!


Bret Howard, Superintendent

USD 235 Uniontown

September School Menu

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IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS! (Click on the link below)

**Current Physical and Concussion Form must be on file before Athletes are allowed to Practice!!

Fall Sports Parent Meeting

Friday, Aug. 11th, 6pm

601 5th Street

Uniontown, KS

Fall Sports - first practice

Monday, Aug. 14th, 6am-11pm

601 5th Street

Uniontown, KS

USD 235 Enrollment

Tuesday, Aug. 22nd, 8am

Uniontown, KS, United States

Uniontown, KS

Enrollment at UHS and WBE.

USD 235 Enrollment

Wednesday, Aug. 23rd, 8am

Uniontown, KS, United States

Uniontown, KS

Enrollment at UHS and WBE.
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Please remember to notify the school if you are riding the bus this year! There is a place in your enrollment packet to let us know. If you have questions, please contact a staff member.