Washington Update

Family Communicator - Week of June 15th

Preparing for the Fall - Washington School Proactive Measures

Although this school year is just ending we just wanted to keep you aware of what are we doing to prepare the Washington for school in the Fall. The district is putting together 3 potential plans for schooling.

1. Full School Model- How could we educate kids if we were in school full-time?

2. Remote Learning Model - If kids do not come back to school in the fall, how can we improve remote learning for all students?

3. Hybrid Model - What if some students were in school and some were not? How can we make that work?

Although it is too early to tell, we are planning for several different scenarios. Our Instructional Leadership Team has met throughout the Pandemic Leave and budgeted for several things for the fall. Here are some of the steps we are taking:

  • One of the main CDC guidelines requires kids to have their own materials. We have ordered the necessary school supplies for all kids and we will place them in a personal plastic pencil box. This pencil box will travel with the kids to avoid any sharing of materials.
  • The district is moving to 1:1 devices for all students. Devices will be available for home learning for every student if we need to move to the remote model in the fall.
  • We have saved some discretionary funding for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) products for next school year.
  • We have increased our professional development fund to help train teachers with remote learning. We are all hoping for more personal contact through remote learning in the fall.
  • We have purchased a Social Emotional Learning program called First Step to help students learn manners and perseverance. It also has an anti-bullying program component. It uses role playing to help kids learn what to do when they get upset. We believe we can use this program in school and remotely.
  • We are identifying an isolation room for any students showing symptoms in addition to the regular nurse's office.
  • The state will adjust curriculum to make up for lost learning time from March - June.
  • We have purchased individual headphones and bags for all students next year so they will not have to share.

One of the advantages of our school is that we are a close knit experienced staff willing to change with the times. Although we cannot predict every scenario, we wanted to let you know that we are being proactive in making school safe for all students. One of our school site councils members next year is moving on to Middle School so we will have an opening or two. We would love to get additional ideas from families related to school in the fall.

Mr. McCrevan

Computer Return + Swag Bag

I still need 27 computers returned. I will be reaching out this week! As of Friday night I also have 64 kids who need their Swag Bags. I'll be around each day this week for pick-up. If you want it text me at 978-710-8109 and I can stick right outside on front steps!

Pandemic - P-EBT Cards - Updated Info.

The EBT cards are starting to arrive at homes. First a letter comes and then the cards arrive separately in the mail. Several families have reported they have received the cards. Please check your mail. The P-EBT card can be used to buy food at stores that accept SNAP / EBT. You can buy the following items. https://www.mass.gov/files/documents/2016/08/wr/snap-eligible-foods.pdf?_ga=2.255139085.46967995.1585141848-1340380686.1579544316

Other questions related to the P-EBT cards can be found at https://www.mass.gov/info-details/pandemic-ebt-p-ebt.