Cordelia Hills Update


School Opens Wednesday, 8/15/2018

Cordelia Hills and FSUSD open for students this next Wednesday, August 15th.

We will post classes on Tuesday, August 14th no later than 4 p.m. They will be posted on the windows in front of school. We post lists by teacher, organized by student ID.

What to know for first day:

1. First bell rings at 8:15 and tardy bell rings at 8:20.

2. Grades 1-5 will be at Morning PE on the Yard.

3. The first day is a Collaborative Schedule. ALL TKs and kinders are in class by 8:20 and are dismissed at 11:40.

4. Grades 1-5 are dismissed at 1:35. Front, bus, and back gates are open after school.

5. Front roll up gate and back gates will open around 8:00 a.m. on the first day but normally will open around 8:10.

6. Breakfast is available. The front Red Door opens around 7:55 for breakfast.

Second Day

1. Grades 1-5 dimissed at 2:33

2. Grades TK and K start AM/PM schedule

3. Gates open at 8:10.

4. Morning PE starts promptly at 8:20 for grades 1-5

AM/PM Change Requests

We realize that AM/PM kinder can create stress and anxiety for family schedules. We are doing our best to meet requests but there is a waiting list. The morning classes are currently full but changes do occasionally happen. Apologies far in advance for not being able to immediately all needs.


As most of you know, our streets are not totally equipped to handle all of the traffic that comes with elementary school, especially at pick-up and drop-off. Please adhere to the following:

1. Follow all traffic rules/laws.

2. Avoid U-Turns in front of the school.

3. Avoid use of the bus/daycare van zone. It's for daycare vans and buses.

4. The main parking area is for employees, handicap drivers, TAP/SCIL students and buses, and for guests in non drop-off/pick-up times.

5. Please cooperate with staff. They aren't trying to make you miserable. They are trying to maintain traffic flow and safety for students/pedestrians.

6. Use Cross-Walks

7. Do not use the back gate unless you are walking from a home.


August 14: New Family Orientation @ 8:30 (quad stairs), TK orientation @ 10 (MPR), TAP Meet N Greet @ 1:45 (classrooms), K orientation @ 2:00 (MPR)

August 15: First Day of School (Collab Wednesday Schedule)

August 28: Back to School Night @ 6:00 p.m. (MPR)

September 3: NO School, Labor Day

1:1 Devices

We are excited to become a 1:1 school this year. This means every student in grades 1-5 will have access to a device. Every class in grades 2-5 will have one Chromebook per student. First grade will be ready to go soon.

Please note that all 5th graders will be taking the Chromebooks home and back to school each day. Taking devices home for grades 1-4 will be left up to teacher discretion. More information will come from staff as the year progresses.