Instructional Coach Introduction

"When teachers work together, they can do powerful things."

A little Background

Greetings, Engaged Classroom teachers. I am thrilled to have an opportunity to work with such fabulous teachers as yourselves. Our school district didn’t make such decisions lightly. You are all wonderful at what you do, and I am excited about working alongside you all.

For those of you who may not know me, I have three daughters, one at almost every campus. I have been teaching for eleven years, seven years in middle school language arts and four years in elementary. I have been part of AHISD for five years, serving mostly at the elementary level at Woodridge. Although I currently teach language arts, I have taught math, science, Texas history, and American History as well.

Teacher Toolkit

I am an avid “social media for the purposes of education” participant, blog follower, and book reader. These things are my absolute passion because I can continue to grow, learn, and share learning. I hope to share much from social media tools.

I have begun a teacher toolkit, made of the daily necessary components in the life of a teacher. I will continue to build this toolkit, with your input as to what you need most and with the research I do, to give you all one location to pull reusable resources from. Here it is in its beginning stages.

My Vision

I see my vision as instructional coach as playing a role where I can bring engagement to both teachers and students. I hope to collaborate with you all to make both your work and the work of your students joyful and rewarding.

I hope to bring communities, both on campus and off, together to benefit the children we work with. As part of my vision, I hope to think deeply about our work, organize our thoughts, and develop a plan to help meet the goal of transforming instruction so as to meet the ideals the profile of a learner encompasses.

Finally, I commit to helping you actualize what 21st century learning is. I look forward to learning with you, creating with you, and changing learning for the better.


-Veronica Bordano
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