Welcome to Taco

Home of the Vacation

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Welcome to the Greatest Country on Earth

Our leader and our 1.42 million people welcomes you to come and have the time of your life

How our government works

We are governed by our dictator Johnny Depp in a way that what he says goes and what rules that he makes are the rules that we follow. The rules are not hard to follow and they resemble the rules and laws that the united states has in place for their citizens. If the laws are broken then you will be removed from the island and sent back home. it is as simple as that.

Questions we are asked

  • How does your countries dictatorship work so well?
  • -How does he have time to run a country and have fun while doing it?
  • The answer is SIMPLE!!!!
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(( (( (( (( (( HE'S Johnny Depp )) )) )) )) ))

So Come Join us in the greatest vacation you've ever had, You deserve it!!

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The island will be complete

Monday, Sep. 3rd 2018 at 9pm

Taco Island

The rules are simple as well

1)Be kind to all you meet

2)Don't drink what you can't handle

3)Have fun and forget about the world around you

So come join us, you WILL be glad you did

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Lionel Richie All night Long