Kaylin Baker, Josiah Soria, Brandon Nam

Reasons to Go to War:

-for resources

-retaliation when attacked

-helps the economy

-gives people pride in their country

-to become independent

-for reforms in the nation

Reasons to Avoid War:


-avoid creating enemies

-hurts economy

-consequences of losing

-waste of time

-wastes resources

-threat of nuclear war

-destruction of cities/towns

-lose alliances

Just & Unjust Wars


American Revolution- America was gaining independence from Britain

Texas Revolution- Texas was gaining its independence from Mexico

US Army vs. Native Americans- America was trying to expand its territory

Civil War- we were trying to help the African Americans gain equality

Spanish American War- America gained land

Korean War- South Korea got their independence


War of 1812- they were fighting for reasons that no longer existed, and nothing was gained or lost

Mexican American War- Texas had already been annexed and it was unnecessary

World War I- all of the nations involved didn't need to be involved

World War II-

Vietnam War-

Gulf War-

War on Terror-

Drafting of Soldiers

There should not be drafting of soldiers because nobody should be forced to fight in a war that they don't want to participate in or that they might not agree with.