November 6, 2013

Learning Targets for Today

  • I can use data from various sources to create purposeful groups.

  • I can locate/create instructional materials to meet the needs of each group.

  • I can connect the differentiation process to PDSA, RtI, and the 5 learning centered questions.

Reflections and video on best practice for Blended Learning-Justice

Justice will share some successes and ideas on how to make station rotations work in a large class.

Planning for independent cooperative groups- Jolly and Deal

Jolly and Deal will share strategies on how to plan instruction so that students can work independently.

Planning with your PLC for station rotations-Brinagar, Stiles, and Pozega

Brinager, Stiles, and Pozega will share out how to cooperate with PLC members in order make their lives easier.

Good blended learning resources-Reep

Reep will share out on a great web quest to use in content areas. (Collection of free presentations in powerpoint format) (Search already made jeopardy games in any subject imaginable or actually make your own) (Has over 2000 high quality lessons by top teachers all aligned to common core state standards- Language Arts and Math only) (Webquests on all subjects in grades 3-7) **Sometimes the links on this page work and sometimes they don't.*** (7th grade social studies webquests)

Collaboration with peers district wide-Lerg

Lerg will reflect on gathering CFA comparative data online.

Making Connections to the Five Key Questions