Iroquois Indan Tribe

By; Sylvester J.


The Iroquois grown ups did not spank there children.They did it a better way so they can learn. The Iroquois tribe wore masks so when there child is bad they have to promise they will be good and apologize for what they have done. The person who wore the mask was a family member or a freind.


Iroquois Indians eat Fruits, beans, corn, blueberries, wild berries ,squash, deer, bear , rabbit, squirrel, wild turkey, oatmeal, turkey,mushrooms, carrots,onions,lobster,oyster, meat and soup.They have this type of beans that are called Hominy Ononda.

Men and Women roles

The Women's job was to go vote, remove other chiefs they didn't like. Women also planted the crops and harvested them, Women also had to collect nuts and berries, Women had to take care of their wigwams or longhouse and children. They had to teach their daughters so when their grow up they can take care of there children. Women also had to cook and prepare food. Men go out hunting for food and fight other tribes. ( warriors)

Costumes and beliefs

Iroquois people believed in the great spirits. People thought that if your are ill it was from bad water, food or air.
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Other Interesting facts

Iroquois fought against the five different tribes but later the Iroquois worked together for peace in life. Did you know the longhouse was the length of a football field ? A longhouse can fit thirty families in it. In Iroquois there is 30 different ways to use corn. Such as moccasins, kindling, baskets, medicine mask, dolls and mats to sit and sleep on. Iroquois had five different tribes in till 1722 when Tuscarora joined.
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