Ramay Jr. High

Computer Applications I


Computer Applications I is a one-semester, required course, for 8th graders. The course is designed to provide students with the fundamental computer skills and software knowledge necessary for high school, college and careers. This course also helps to further develop their keyboarding skills. Prerequisite: 7th keyboarding.

Word Processing: Students will learn the fundamental skills necessary to create and edit the most widely used documents. Students will learn and apply the most commonly used features of word processing software (Microsoft WORD), such as bullets, numbered lists, special characters, borders and shading, fonts, paragraph and line spacing, searching, graphics and WordArt.

Presentations: Internet searching skills and prior software formatting tools are applied to PowerPoint presentations.

Spreadsheets: Students will use Excel software to create and edit simple spreadsheets, use basic formulas and functions, and create a simple graph or chart.