Franklin Pierce

November 23, 1804-October 8, 1869


"Young Hickory of the Granite Hills"

Political Party

Franklin Pierce was apart of the Democratic Party.

Main Election opponent

Winfield Scott(Whig Party)

Pierce won with 215,664 vote superior in popular votes and 212 vote superior in electoral votes.

Office Holders / Important People While President

Vice President- William R. King
Secretary of State-William L. Marcy
Secretary of the Treasury-James Guthrie
Secretary of War-Jefferson Davis
Attorney General- Caleb Cushing
Postmaster General-James Campbell
Secretary of the Navy- James C. Dobbin
Secretary of the Interior- Robert McClelland


"The stars upon your banner have become nearly threefold their original number; your densely populated possessions skirt the shores of the two great oceans."

"The storm of frency and faction must inevitably dash itself in vain against the unshaken rock of the Constitution."

Foreign Policies

Gadsden Purchase-U.S. paid Mexico $15 million to secure land below new Mexico and Arizona.The Purchase secured the final boundaries of the United States.

Attempt to Acquire Cuba-Internal Conflict about the slavery issue it would cause and the

refusal of the Spanish lead to the Ostend Manifesto.

Ostend Manifesto
-A justification for American possession of Cuba. It also warned that if Cuba refused America's proposal, peace in the United States might be threatened by the spanish's control over cuba since slaves might revolt on the island, threatening the institution of slavery in the U.S. Under such circumstances, America might be required to take control of Cuba.

Great Britain
-A tariff agreement with Great Britain was reached, but the British ambassador to the U.S. was expelled from the united states for his recruitment of former British immigrants to fight in the Crimean War against Russia.

Domestic Effairs

Kansas-Nebraska Act- Repealed the Missouri Compromise, and debated whether or not the Kansas and Nebraska territory would be slave or free.

Bloodshed in Kansas- Fights erupted in Kansas whether it would be a free or slave state. Separate Governments were formed for each side.Pierce resisted sending federal troops to restore order and due to him not trying to break up conflict resulted in the belief he was indecisive and ineffective.

Economic Policies

Foreign trade- Pierce expanded trade with Canada.

Debt- Pierce reduced 28.7 million from America's 60 million Debt build up.