Out of my Mind

Sharon Draper

“What if... you couldn’t do anything but breath?” Melody Brooks is a normal girl on the inside but nothing like that on the outside. Melody has a photographic memory. She knows more than anyone knows, but no one knows it but her. Melody has been in a wheelchair her whole life, all she can do is shriek, breath and move her thumbs. Melody is in a special needs class, called 5-H. This all makes her want to scream but things are looking up. Their 5-H class is adding inclusion classes and she’s allowed to meet normal people now, instead of just watching them. Soon Melody gets a machine to help her talk. Melody finally gets a voice. But the world might not be ready to hear it.

This book is sad, unfair, but happy in some unique ways. I interviewed Caroline and she said, “books usually never make me cry but Out of my Mind made my eyes water, and it made me smile.” Everyone that I interviewed that read Out of my Mind said something like that, but most people cried.

I recommend this book to ages 8 and up because of the reading level, and bad language. This book is very emotional. I recommend this book to people who like emotional books, sad stories, and people who like realistic fiction, or stories about life.

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Out of My Mind (Sharon Draper) Book Trailer