James Parsons 8/Mrs.Green

Wet Lands

Wet Lands Food Web

The sun is the producer of the food web. The other producers are bladderwort and butterfly orchid. The primary consumers that eat the producers are grass carp, eastern mud turtle, and mosquito. The secondary's that eat the primary's are southern lizard frog, the great blue heron, and the racoon. The tertiary consumer that eats primary and secondary consumers is the American alligator.

Symbiotic Realationships

How humans positivley effect the wet land environment.

Humans negatively effect by polluting the water, altering the flows of water so some fish can't migrate, and causing less oxygen in certain places.

How humans positively effect the wet land environment.

Humans positively effect by introducing new plants, introducing new fish, and when they knock a log over or something, it provides a new home for a fish.