Mustang Message

May 11, 2015

A Principal's Perspective

I hope that you had a great week! It is an honor to take time to say thank you for the job that you do that makes a difference not only in our students' lives but with fellow colleagues as well. This is one year in time that makes an impact on our students that shape their future. Not only that, this is one year in time that we as a school, staff family work together as one creating a learning and working place that makes a difference. We know that there will be changes next year with students and staff going to a new school. But for this moment, this year, I am thankful for the 87 staff members that came together to make a positive impact for GP students!

Below is a video clip with actors/actresses thanking their teacher. It got me to thinking about all of the professions out there that are possible because of a teacher. A teacher that is dedicated to student success. A teacher with a growth mindset for their students that believes that they can! A teacher that never gives up and taps into the hidden strengths and talents of a student. Finally, a teacher that makes learning fun, engaging and with just the right stretch for a challenge. Day by day in a given year, a teacher has powerful potential to change the world!

2015, Bring It!


Thank a Teacher

Morning Duties of the Week

Morning Assembly (7:30): Lutz

Gym (7:20): C. Anderson

Cafeteria (7:20): Fortner

Bus (7:20): Lewis

Parent Drop Off Directing Traffic (7:30): Bahls

Parent Drop Off (7:30): S. Anderson & Rhine

Librarian: At GP

Guidance Lessons:

Week at a Glance

Online Kindergarten Registration in Progress!

Book Fair This Week - Monday - Thursday 8:00-3:30; Friday 8:00-1:00

Friday, 5/8/15: Faculty and Family Spring Party at Saddle Creek Pavilion & Pool, 6:30-9:00 - Bring your family and join us for burgers, hot dogs, swimming, games and fun! Desserts: Kinder, 1st, 3rd & Support; Sides: 2nd, 4th, SPED and Office

Lifeguards will be on duty. Looking forward to a great night! ; PTO Spoons Spirit Day - all day

Monday: 3rd field trip to Houston

Tuesday: Evening shopping and Napa Flats Gelato at the Book Fair 5:00-7:30

Wednesday: Running Club 3:15-3:45

Thursday: New Kinder parent tour 3:30; 3rd & 4th grade to Adamson Lagoon; 1st & 2nd Identified First in Math students (students achieving 5000 + points) go to Spoons

Friday: Kinder Mud Day & Picnic; Pizza & Bahama Bucks for First in Math & Reasoning Minds identified students (beginning at 1:00)

News & Notes

  • Thank you to Brazos Valley School Credit Union for the wonderful breakfast on Tuesday! If you would like, grade level public relations person can e-mail or mail a thanks to the credit union for the delicious breakfast. E-mail Brandi Ponder at Mail a thank you card at Brandi Ponder, 2298 Longmire Dr. College Station, TX 77845
  • Thanks to our wonderful PTO for the Latte Coffee Bar this week!
  • One final step after the PDAS summative - to finalize the PDAS process the teacher and administrator must electronically sign the summative document. How to? In Eduphoria, go to the summative evaluation. At the top you will see a notebook paper with a pencil icon. Click on that icon. Type in your username & password that you use to get into Eduphoria. Answer the security question. Click "electronically sign the document." Done! Please do this ASAP if you have had your summative PDAS conference. Otherwise, please sign after your PDAS summative.
  • If you would like donated Easter basket grass, please let me know.

Quotable Thought

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Mustang Celebrations

  • Colin Littlefield, Ruth's son, was named a CSISD Education Foundation Hall of Fame Student. He honored Eric Eaks one of the band teachers that impacted his life.
  • Congrats to these great 7th grade CSMS students: Caden Brice, Haley Lutz, Jensen McMurray and Avery Seagraves. They were inducted into the Junior National Honor Society. Way to go!!
  • Congratulations to Rachel Grant, Julie Grant's daughter, who received an individual award in the category of Entertainment Photo at the International Press League Conference!

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