Staying Safe

Ways to be prepared for hurricanes, blizzards & earthquakes.

A Hurricane is a strong tropical storm containing heavy rains & winds over 74 mph. One way to stay safe when you know a hurricane is heading your way is to tape across the glass of the windows and then board them up. Bring furniture that is outside of your house inside, or anchor it down.

A blizzard is a heavy snow storm with winds over 34 mph. The safest place to be while a snow storm is occurring is in your home or a warm shelter. If a snow storm is coming near you, you should not try to go out on your own.

A earthquake is a sudden shaking of the ground caused by the release of stress accumulated along geologic faults or by volcanic activity. Some ways to stay safe when this happens is to stand under a frame of a door, or crawl under a table or a desk, Also stay away heavy objects, windows & glass doors.

Ways to prevent falls, poisoning & fires & burns.


  • Make sure the sides of a baby's crib is locked into place.
  • Keep stairs & walk ways well lighted.
  • Keep step ladders in good repair.


  • Keep medication or other pills out of reach of children.
  • Make sure what all poisonous substances are clearly labeled.
  • Never place poisonous substances in food containers.

Fires & Burns

  • Practice a fire escape plan & keep the route clear.
  • Make sure electrical plugs are not overloaded.
  • Keep matches & lighters out of reach of small children.

Four factors that can help prevent unintentional injury

Be knowledgable & aware

  • Recognize risks to your safety & know what actions to take to reduce the risk.

Know your ability

  • Be realistic when you judge your ability & that of others.

State of mind

  • Be aware of your own condition & that of others.

Environment conditions

  • Consider the hazards in your environment that might cause an accident.